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Tri-Wave Model™

Our Tri-wave model™ integrates SEO, SEM, and Influencer Marketing, which will produce greater results than using any single channel to promote.

Why Important?

Why does each of these marketing channels matter? We think there are three big reasons:

  1. Influencer Marketing is often how people first hear about your brand, and first impressions matter.

  2. Google and other search engines are usually where people go next to learn more about your brand, and the SEO and SEM results will influence their next impression.

  3. When the influencer tells one story, branded search results tell another, and your landing page tells yet another, the consumer/customer is left confused.

When you properly integrate all three of these marketing channels, you create a virtuous cycle. People learn about your brand via influencers. Those users who research further get a consistent and connected brand narrative when they search your branded terms on popular search engines like Google and your brand surfaces at the top of the page in a positive light, and then the homepage connects with the article they read. An optimized conversion funnel and a clear brand story will increase the conversion rates at each stage of this journey. You’ll also see a higher conversion velocity if your brand creates a “funnel” versus forcing potential customers to take a disconnected journey.

We will take concrete steps to integrate your SEO, SEM, and Influencer Marketing strategies. 

Our Process

Phase 1 - Share

Increase your campaign intelligence by sharing keywords in different channels

Phase 4 - Develop

Developing your strategies and bridging the gap by gathering actionable data

Phase 2 - Combine

Combine metrics to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers interact

Phase 5 - Gather

Gathering audience feedback from influencers to pinpoint accurate keywords  

Phase 3 - Improve

Improve productivity by removing barriers among different campaigns

Phase 6 - Achieve

Achieve Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness (EAT) through high-quality online mentions 

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